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ReDew Certification

This is a 3-Day In Person or At Home powerhouse course for everyone from the avid One Stroker to someone who has no experience painting. The course has a strong emphasis on how to start up you own business and we will offer continued support. Whether it is doing custom work, opening a store, working for a designer, craft shows, or teaching ReDew workshops you will gain all the knowledge needed right here to get you stared. 

You will leave this Certification with:

  • All the forms needed for your consultations and furniture business
  • The Start Of Your Portfolio
  • ReDew Chalk Color Ring To Bring To Your Consultations
  • Tool Box
  • Numerous Samples Of Different Techniques and Ideas
  • Workbook with your business plan, branding, business cards, and more...
  • Ongoing Support On How To Get Your Business Started